Saturday, May 31, 2008


We had a Blast this memorial weekend! We went camping with Eric, Jessica, and Cousin Blake! Mylie had a hoot with Blake. She loves to laugh when she looks at him! I can't wait till they can actually play together. We loved loved the trailer. I wouldn't go back to the tent situation ever! Mylie slept like a log.
It was so beautiful up there we such wonderful weather! On Monday we left before it got yucky. Mike's job called him to work that day!Stupid Rc Willey won't ever let him have a holiday off! I hope he can find some new place to work so we can go on more outings like this one! We took lots of pictures! I don't think I could have taken enough to share what a good time we had!


Brian and Alisha said...

Fun! I'm glad all went well, although I am jealous... I need a break!!! =)