Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just two days only!

Thursday and Friday (last days of the year) I will be offering 3 sessions in the new year at 2010 prices! Book now for the month of Feb. Call or email ASAP to book your appointment!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Little Anna

This little girl has got a piece of my heart! This is the 3rd time photoing her and she is just a HAM! This time was a bit more successful than the last...Cause we got smart and went to a place she loves!

The Woodyatt kiddies

AHHH So fetchin' cute! Sign them up for trouble when they are teens! Good luck Ash and congrats on creating such beautiful kids!

The Jensens

Loved this shoot. Couldn't get enough of there sweet kids!

The mcBrides

What awesome family! I am seriously lucky to meet such people! Did you see there kids...just darling!

The Hoopes

BRRRRR what a cold day and the little one wouldn't have it. Think we still got some of the cute family!

The McMillans

Such a cute couple......and there little guy! What a windy day but sheesh they made it look good!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nikki & Jesse

My best bud is getting hitched! I am so happy for her and so happy she chose me to take these special photos. This day was a BLAST but freezing(nikki was a champ in her dress brrrrr) I hope the very best for these two!ps I couldn't choose a few I chose a lot to show..