Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just Me and My Best Friend!

Mylie and Bridger have become such good buddies! I love to see Mylie cuddle up to him, roll over top him, pull his hair, swim with him, and feed him her treats. Even though he is jealous of her he has been such a good dog to her. (Not to her binkies though!)It will be fun to see them grow up together! They always seem to have those "awe" moments when ever they're together.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Stadium of Fire

Happy 4th of July!

Oh man what a fun filled day! We got to go to the kaysville parade in the morning with all of Mylie's cousins. Boy she was ornery! She started to fall asleep just as the fire trucks and cop cars came with sirens blowing! She didn't even bother to care she slept right through the whole sha-bang!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Manti Canyon

We took off for the beautiful mountains on Manti this last weekend. I love coming through the small towns and right when we come into Manti there sits the most beautiful temple! It's amazing that they were able to construct such a huge building with very little tools.
Thanks to my uncle for letting us use his 4 wheeler! It was interesting to get mylie on there with us but proved to be successful and fun! She loved it so much she fell asleep on the way up to the lake. Cried forever on the way back till she fell asleep again.

Lots of fishing and red necking this weekend!

And lots of relaxing!