Saturday, May 10, 2008

I got Tagged!!

Rules: List six favorites, then list who you tag!

Ahh!I love too many things to keep it at 6!Well here they are in no certain order:
1. I Love Frosted Rock Ice Cream. That was my life saver during my pregnancy. I love love love cake batter with raspberry mix-ins. MMMMM.... I'm salivating just thinking about the yummy goodness!

2. I love to talk and talk especially during the work day. I swear it makes the day go by faster. We got a new girl training to take my office mates spot when she leaves for maternity. She doesn't have much to say. Poor thing I guess I'll just say it all for her. Hopefully I'll break her in. Ha Ha!

3. I love to play soccer! It is such a release in my life. I haven't played for over a year cause I got pregnant and then had Mylie and been in recovery. But now I got back in the game! Sadly to say my coordinated self fell down the stairs(three days before my first game) and I think I broke my toe! I am so sad! But I still can watch it Go Real Salt Lake!

4.I love camping, fishing, and shooting my gun! I grew up very much a Tomboy! I love to do all those guy outdoorsy things. My sis in law Jessica and I are getting our husbands on day of fly fishing camp. They'll learn how to do it all. Secretly I would love to go too. He He. And I can't wait to get out in our new trailer!

5. I love to go to the drive in movies! I haven't been to a movie in over maybe two years! Mike hates the movie theater. He love the comfort of his couch and money in his pocket! Ticket prices are outrageous(along with everything else in this world). But I can always get him to take me to the drive in!

6. I love to paint and decorate! My house has been painted in every room! (except for the master bath, I can't decide whats going to be my theme) I even just repainted my family room! I looks much better! I painted Mylie's room when I was prego, and I two toned the rest of the house one week before her blessing. In which we had a LOT of people coming. I am ambitious what can I say I love color!

I'm Tagging: Emma, Wikki, & Kim (can't wait to see what you Love!)