Thursday, May 22, 2008

6 Months OLD!!!

Holy Cow! Time flies when your raising a baby! Mylie is on the verge to being mobile! Should I be terrified? She's got the scooting and rocking down! Any day we're expecting a crawling baby!

We took her in on Monday for her appointment for the dreaded shots!(sleeping isn't so great that night). 45% head 45% weight 50% height she's not as chunky as I thought! She's grown exactly 2 inches every visit! Way to fast mini moo! Dr. Fruin said she'll be loosing a lot of weight these next few months! She said she is a very active girl! (tell me about it you should see her in sacrament)Good luck to me!

Oh and to believe I was included in Mother's day this year!Wow! We love our Mom's they have been a great example to me! I hope I can take away a lot from them and use it in my own life! Thanks to my hubby for the fun new camera! I love love it! Even though it's gonna take me a while to figure it out.


Kim said...

Wow Ash... shes cute as ever... Don't be terrified of them being mobile, just enjoy every single moment. Let her have fun and let her make messes... it'll happen anyway. Hope to see ya soon.

Harris Family said...

Ashley your blog is so great! Mylie is just too cute-I still can't believe I haven't seen her yet! HOpefully we can meet up in July. I absolutely love the photo you have at the top of your makes me want to cry it is just too sweet! I hope you guys are all doing great!