Thursday, August 19, 2010


A total update I LOVED EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE PEOPLE! So lucky that I get to meet all of them.. (or be related) Enjoy this ever so long post!

This was Bode. Love his Chub!

This was Sharstin Miller's family LOVE her photography!
This is baby Presley...I can't wait to hold my own! Sept 1 here we come!

Staker family photos!
My Cousins Jake and Logan...Love them!
Levi and his brother.....I wanna be a cowboy...Okay so maybe I could just live on the farm and take pictures all day and try out pie recipes and rock in the rocking chair while my kids swing from the rope into the river...Ahh the good life. I can dream can't I? Aren't these horses beautiful and those boys next to them are pretty talented{BE SAFE BOYS}
My other gorgeous cousins at my aunts beautiful historical home in Spring City! I love it there!
Cutie pa Tutie Miles...His first birthday pictures are so stinking cute melts you with just a glance!...and his I am totally done taking pictures face is just even more to love!

*This concludes what I have been working on the past week or so..A few more sessions to come before my nameless baby girl #2 is born.