Wednesday, August 25, 2010

DECEMBER is booked!

All Done 2010! January is wide open but prices will be going up another $20.00 a session so be aware of that...still very affordable but will allow me to quit some of my other work out! I will do Christmas card designs up until the 11th of Dec. ... so start to place orders soon! XOXO thanks for all your support!


The Johnson's said...

me... me... don't forget me!

Nikki said...

Sheesh woman. you are so dang talented. I finally distributed my birth announcements to my family and just handed them out and said pick one...most of them took both cuz they loved them so much! :) You have done such amazing's not even a bit surprising that you're already booked! I'm gonna have to start booking you a year in advance girl! I hope you're feeling good! I'll take a date after you come back...since we have a new addition, we need a new family photo! Love ya girl! Call me if you need anything!