Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sunday in Logan

We got to go up to Sarah and Clayton's ( Mike's sister) house in Wellsville on Sunday. We had yummy dinner with the family then we went to Logan River Parkway. What a Beautiful place. Now that I've seen the place I hope to get back up there to take more pictures! Sadly our time was cut short there was a lot of mosquitoes and it started to get chilly ( in June Whaaaa!!??)


Josh said...

The Schoenfeld Family is DARLING! I am glad i found your blog.. it was great to see you tonight. Baby Girl is such a doll - it will be fun when she and Wyatt can play one day and be pals! keep in touch - love you guys!

Robbie and Shay said...

Ashley - It's Shay. I saw your blog on Kayla's...Mylie is so stinkin cute. It's crazy how big she is since the last time I saw here. I swear - these babies grow like weeds!! Our blog is Let's stay in touch.

Gailey said...

Hey ashley, this is Whitney Gailey! I found your blog and had too peek at it! I hope you don't mind! But your little girl is darling! I also wanted to apologize for not making it to the BBQ. We had Matts sisters wedding dinner! But anyways now we can be Blog Buddies!

Melissa & Jonathan said...

Hey there! I found ya. What a darling blog. That little Mylie is just a cute ball of fun. I'm so glad I've been able to see ya lately! Our blog is
I haven't posted for ages, but it's totally on my to do list this week!


Campbells said...

Hey this is Julie your neighbor! I dont even know how i came across your blog but your little girl is so cute! Im going to add you to my blog list if you dont mind.