Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mylie Loves Watermelon and Cheerios!

Fathers day we gave Mini some watermelon and to our surprise she loved it! She also can't get enough of Cheerios. She almost stops breathing when they get close to her.She loves to take the biggest handful and shove them in her mouth! This month has been so crazy! Lost of firsts. She is now crawling and pulling herself up (especially on Bridger). We had to lower the crib mattress, she screams like I've never heard anyone scream (well maybe on a horror movie), lots of jabbering and thhhppppp (spitting), picking her nose and finding things! SOOO sad how fast she is growing.


Steve and Natalie said...

Ashley, this is Natalie Bouy! Your baby is soooo cute! We just had our second! Can you believe it? Hows your family?

The Johnson's said...

She's still cute as ever Ashley... How was your Manti trip? Next year plan on us taggin along.

Brett, Debbie & Taylor said...


Great to hear from you your daughter is so cute.. ya im just trying to learn this blog thing. thanks for leaving a comment keep intouch. Deb Sims