Thursday, April 8, 2010


I am looking for a couple of mini sessions that I have in mind...why not make it a give-a-way?

Shoot #1: I am looking for a cutie-pa-tutie, lovie-dovie couple. No need to be a newly wed for that right?! If you’re interested... A: leave a comment B: Email me a picture of your cute selves and why you meet the standard?
*I’ll post in the near future of what my next give-away is.....Leaving comments are always good. I love feedback and the blog is lacking that ya know! So you luckies that commented in the past are automatically enrolled for the next give-a-way!

C: some chocolate!
ENDS : Friday April 30, 2010


Dee Dee said...

Yeah! We are the first comment! Eric and I would love to pose for you! You are such a good photographer that it would be an honor! I will email you our picture and reasoning! Thanks for the chance at a fun give away!

Nikki said...

Trae and I could pretend to be a lovie dovie couple! He he he! said...

Hey Ashley - I have been stalking your blog since I found you on Facebook - I am way impressed with your photo skills... anyways, I always thought it would be fun for me to come to Utah and have you take our pictures so we could catch up... Blake and I will love to pose for you - even willing to drive from Boise to do it! I will email you our pic. Even if we don't win - we will have to hire you sometime :)

Cyndi Taylor (or as you know me Cyndi Anderson)

Shauna said...

ash... we are ALWAYS willing to pose for pictures!! azedah can't have enough pictures taken!! :) you are very talented and I love seeing all your pictures! thanks for sharing your talents!!!