Monday, June 8, 2009

My family!

Oh how much I love my family. Summer time I think is the best time to reflect that. There just seems to be much more happiness than in the winter. I love to see Mylie grow up soo fast. Boy does she know how to test me. She is learning all of her colors and saying thing that crack me up! Mylie..." I was like gabber gabber gabber then she's like ahhhhhh. HA HA HA" What that means.. i don't know but it makes me laugh everytime. Mike is a good dad! He loves to teach Mylie new phrases. The most recent is "Heck YA!" He works so hard for our family. I just couldn't imagine not having him in my life. These two truly....."Complete me"! Ha. I love them especially when I make them take pictures and they do it without grief. I had this back drop up from a previous photo shoot and told them to jump in it's time for a quick snap shot and this is what I got out of it. Mylie turned 18 months and I'm wait on her pictures for a special reason..So keep watching for a new favorite location!

Of course this is how Mylie is in every photo......Not looking at me and won't give up her frog toy. But for some reason she'll look at the tripod???? Isn't she a cuttie though?? Love her!


Harris Family said...

18 months already. She is at such a fun stage-well actually all stages are fun. At least some aspect. But it is a fun one to have them copy things you say. That can be good and bad! You have to actually be aware of things you say or she'll start saying crap or whatever it is you say. It is silly all the same. Cute family photo!

Jeff Nikki & Keizya said...

She's getting so big Ash! She looks like a little girl now...her hair's getting so long too! 18 months old, now you can take her to nursery! Yay but sad. miss you!