Monday, December 29, 2008


Trip to see Santa: Not so fun, but Mike got to sit on the old mans lap! Mylie has been saying "ho ho ho" all month long. Every time she saw anything that looked like Santa she would say it. So we got up to see Santa and sure enough she pipes out ho ho ho and then we sat her on his lap. I think she would rather have died than sit on his lap. Her scream sure made that clear to EVERYONE in the store.
She sure loved getting her gifts and even her cute snugly white outfit (thanks aunt Nicole) She carried it around and said oooh all Christmas eve. So we had to have her wear it Christmas Day. All dolled up we went to 4 families houses that day and enjoyed all the fun and food we had! What a great time of year to spend those special moment with the ones you love...Family isn't it about time!He he enjoy the pics of the holiday!