Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A shout out to my Hub!

Mike is amazing! I can't believe I met him in high school. These past 7-8 years have been so crazy, fun, exhilarating, wonderful, breath taking, awesome! I wouldn't change my life for anything. Mike has made me laugh every day since I met him (I'm not kidding), we've cried, sat in silence, disagreed and still we love each other more every day! Mike has this passion for hunting thus leaving him no room to be romantic.He has this boat that he has built from this and that's from that past few years. He worked on this thing to create his vision of a duck boat that he and his friend could use as often as possible. He finally finished the beauty this summer. Well much to my surprise HE SOLD IT on Monday! What was he thinking I thought! I wasn't about to disagree with him because I really don't mind not having a big boat(with weeds on it)parked on the side of my house. I do know he wants bigger better later! But he was practical and paid bills off with the money he got. Well today I can say that hunting and a little bit of romance came together today! I came home today from an yucky day at work and mike told me he had something for me. I thought frosted rock ice cream....No he bought me a new lens, flash and filters for my camera with the rest of the money! I LOVE HIM! He gave up a little of his hunting hobby money and got me the rest of my photography hobby nick knacks! I want to thank him for everything he does for me. Thanks for making me and my self esteem shoot through the roof! I love every minute with you and your thoughtful brain/heart!


Julie said...

Way to go Mike! That was the sweetest story!!!!! So thoughtful!!!

Jeff Nikki & Keizya said...

Good job Mike! That was so sweet! If there's anyone that deserves things like that, it's you Ash! You have such a genuine good heart, you should be spoiled. By the way, thanks SO much for the CD of pictures you got of Keizya. I absolutely love them! See, you are a sweetheart!

Harris Family said...

How sweet! Your photos are looking so great, by the way! I love to just look through the photos you post on here. I keep thinking someday my little family can get our photos taken. I want to so bad, but don't know where to go out here! Maybe we'll have to have you do them when we come out there this spring if we can't find someone to do them here. Or maybe I'll just have you do them again anyways! Oh, and the photos of Amber look great, but I have to say you are simply gorgeous too so I don't know what you are talking about her getting all the looks!!!