Saturday, April 12, 2008


We got these four generation photos done at inkley's for my Moms b-day. They did such a great job! We couldn't help but to get the many faces of Mylie! The photographer couldn't believe how many expressions she had!


Brian and Alisha said...

I LOVE these picturs! You look so gorgeous, and Mylie... Wow! She is beautiful like her mommy.

P.S. I am really impressed. Your blog looks so great! :)

The Spindens said...

You guys are so cute! We love ya. :)

jeffandnikkifam said...

Wow Ash! I'm so impressed by your blog! It's so cute, and definitely you! I absolutely love those pictures you were telling me about! Thanks so much for letting us stop by yesterday, it was so good to see you and Miley! I'm so sorry, because I didn't realize we were there so close to you having to leave! Sorry friend! Let me know when you and Kim wanna come over! Love ya!